Friday, 23 November 2012

Hookah-Hookah Shisha Flavors

Hookah-Hookah Shisha Tobacco is produced from a selected blend of flue cured Virginia tobacco. it is the mildest and sweetest of all blending tobaccos resulting in an exceptionally light smoke with a delightful flavor to smokers. Here you can find a list of Hookah-Hookah Premium Shisha flavors:
1.       Hookah-Hookah 7-Spice
2.       Hookah-Hookah Supreme Acai
3.       Hookah-Hookah Roasted Almond  
4.       Hookah-Hookah Caramel Banana Foster
5.       Hookah-Hookah Sweet Summer Blackberry
6.       Hookah-Hookah Blueberry Freeze
7.       Hookah-Hookah Butterscotch Satin
8.       Hookah-Hookah Soothing Chai  
9.       Hookah-Hookah Bubbly Champagne
10.   Hookah-Hookah Bursting Cherry
11.   Hookah-Hookah Chocolate Temptation
12.   Hookah-Hookah Cinnful Cinnamon
13.   Hookah-Hookah Exotic Clove
14.   Hookah-Hookah Refreshing Cola
15.   Hookah-Hookah Cranberry Crush  
16.   Hookah-Hookah Delicious Double Apple
17.   Hookah-Hookah Wild Dragon Fruit
18.   Hookah-Hookah Fruit Punch Blast
19.   Hookah-Hookah Buttery Graham Crackers  
20.   Hookah-Hookah Succulent Grape
21.   Hookah-Hookah Tangy Sweet Grapefruit
22.   Hookah-Hookah Crisp Green Apple
23.   Hookah-Hookah Guava Nectar
24.   Hookah-Hookah Hazelnut Heaven
25.   Hookah-Hookah Velvet Irish Cream  
26.   Hookah-Hookah Divine Key Lime Pie
27.   Hookah-Hookah Kiwi Infusion
28.   Hookah-Hookah Ice-Cold Lemonade
29.   Hookah-Hookah Sparkling Gingerale
30.   Hookah-Hookah Mouthwatering Mango
31.   Hookah-Hookah Margarita On The Rocks
32.   Hookah-Hookah Plump Melon
33.   Hookah-Hookah Mocha-Latte Fudge  
34.   Hookah-Hookah Orange Tang
35.   Hookah-Hookah Passion Fruit Pleasure
36.   Hookah-Hookah Raging Peach
37.   Hookah-Hookah Peanut Butter Perfection  
38.   Hookah-Hookah Frozen Pina Colada
39.   Hookah-Hookah Island Pineapple
40.   Hookah-Hookah Pomegranate Passion  
41.   Hookah-Hookah Gourmet Pumpkin Pie  
42.   Hookah-Hookah Ravishing Raspberry  
43.   Hookah-Hookah Robust Root Beer
44.   Hookah-Hookah Pure Mint
45.   Hookah-Hookah Persian Rose  
46.   Hookah-Hookah Simply Spearmint
47.   Hookah-Hookah Spiced Rum
48.   Hookah-Hookah Strawberry Dreams
49.   Hookah-Hookah Tropical Punch
50.   Hookah-Hookah Madagascar Black Vanilla
51.   Hookah-Hookah  Watermelon Burst
52.   Hookah-Hookah Great White Grape  
53.   Hookah-Hookah Fire-Cured Seven Spice
54.   Hookah-Hookah Fire-Cured Double Apple  
55.   Hookah-Hookah Fire-Cured Grape
56.   Hookah-Hookah Fire-Cured Mint
57.   Hookah-Hookah Fire-Cured Strawberry

Popular Shisha Brands

Different stroke for different folks! Remember that when people make suggestions for shisha brands/flavours. It is because there can be some flavors that people swear by that you try and hate!
So, better to make your own choice. Here you can find some quality brands of Shisha:

·         Al Fakher Shisha
·         Fantasia Shisha
·         Hookafina Shisha
·         Fumari Shisha
·         Ayam Zaman Traditional Moassel
·         Evolution Herbal Tea-sha
·         HookaH-HookaH Premium Shisha
·         Hookah Freak Blended Shisha
·         Nakhla Shisha
·         Starbuzz Shisha

Monday, 12 November 2012

Blowing Big Shisha Rings

Everyone has that friend that can blow massive hookah smoke rings and makes it look easy, and I know some of you have tried with unimpressive results. In this post I hope to give you a quick science lesson and provide proper hookah smoke ring instructions so you can puff like the pros!
1.       Inhale the shisha smoke as you would normally do.
2.       Let the hookah smoke come out of your mouth without you blowing it out. So basically just open your mouth and let the smoke come out. Hopefully the smoke that comes out of your mouth is thick as then blowing shisha rings is the best.
3.       Believe it or not I have seen some people struggle with this bit, because they are used to blowing the smoke out.
4.       Next blowing the actual shisha rings I believe can be done in two ways. The first would be by forming an O with your mouth and while the smoke is coming out, almost like coughing – meaning that you let small bursts of air come out of your mouth.
5.       The second method is the more experienced and defunct one. This entails you forming and O with your mouth and using your jaw to sort of pop the shisha rings out of your mouth. This is hard to explain but almost the same as keeping your mouth in a ring shape, whilst the smoke is coming out of it, and closing your mouth almost half way pushing the rings out.
I hope this guide is of some use. Just remember practice makes perfect – you’ll get it right eventually or maybe sooner than you think!