Sunday, 16 September 2012

Health Hazards of Shisha

In compare with other narcotics like cigarettes, shisha is considered to be more injurious to health. It's found that smoking a shisha levels a four to five times higher than a cigarette. And 1 shisha is equivalent to almost 200 cigarettes.
These adverse health effects include increased risk of lung, oral and bladder cancer and heart disease. While studies of mainstream smoke from hookahs found that it contains similar amounts of nicotine, tar and heavy metals as other Tobacco products, some experts believe that hookah smoking increases exposure to toxic substances over other products. This is due in part to the way hookah smoking occurs in contrast to cigarette smoking. Hookah smokers use a water pipe over a much longer period of time, often 40-45 minutes, rather than the 5-10 minutes it takes to smoke cigarette.
 Another problem with hookah smoking is the commonly used heat sources that are applied to burn the tobacco, such as wood cinders or charcoal. These substances, when burned, release high  levels of potentially dangerous chemicals including carbon monoxide and metals. Some research  suggests that hookah smoke is therefore more  dangerous, as it contains smoke from the tobacco itself as well as smoke from the heat source used to burn the tobacco.

Shisha is 100 times worse than cigarettes:
 “An advisory note from the WHO says that smoking a hookah may expose the                                  smoker to more smoke over a longer period of time than occurs when smoking cigarettes.”
“Because smoking a hookah may take up to 80 minutes, the report suggests that the smoker is subjecting himself to as much smoke as somebody dragging on 100 cigarettes.”

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