Sunday, 16 September 2012

Say No To Shisha

This grim reality calls for immediate action not only on the part of government and policy makers but also on health care providers in creating awareness against the lethal hazards associated with Shisha smoking. The following recommendations are proposed and efforts at all level are required to implement them. Some of these are also suggested actions by the WHO Study Group on Tob.
1.       Shisha should be subjected to the same regulations as cigarettes and other tobacco products.
2.       Shisha should contain health warnings.
3.       The restaurants should inform their clients of the actual contents of Shisha.
4.       Media should be involved in creating awareness against the hazards of Shisha smoking.
5.       Awareness sessions against the hazards of Shisha smoking and other substance abusers should be made a regular feature in all educational institutions.
6.       Surveys should be conducted to assess the extent of the problem and its prevalence in our society.
7.       Longitudinal studies should be conducted to assess the health implications of Shisha smoking.
1.       Shisha smoking though a part of our cultural heritage is damaging the youth of our country. It is imperative to prevent our younger generation from indulging in a habit which will have detrimental effects not only on their health but also on the health of the country.acco Product Regulation
8.       Parents must check their children about their various activities in society.
9.       As youth is that strength which can bring change in our society so we should aware our youth and ask them to stand among those who protest against it not among those who demand for it.
10.   Many world wild organizations are working for the betterment of youth having one of their issues related to shisha.

Whoever is thinking that they are safe with hookahs as opposed to cigarettes is only fooling them. It is especially sad to see this trend catching on fire in the Muslim world.
 Let’s do whatever it takes to halt this phenomenon, especially in preventing our youths from indulging in this harmful habit. Spread the word!

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